SKU: DR_BSC_Rachel Sectional-One seater (armless)


All one-arm components can be configured to left-arm or right-arm positioning. All sectionals are made with an inside pitch; the frame runs vertical to the floor.

one seater  |  one back / one seat
armless: 37″H x 28″W x 39″D
one-arm: 37″H x 34″W x 39″D

two seater  |  two backs / two seats
armless:  37″H x 56″W x 39″D
one-arm:  37″H x 62″W x 39″D

three seater  |  three backs / three seats
armless:  37″H x 84″W x 39″D
one-arm:  37″H x 90″W x 39″D

corner  |  two backs / one seat  |  one-arm:  37″H x 36″W x 39″D
two seater corner  |  three backs / two seats  |  one-arm:  37″H x 73″W x 39″D

chaise  |  one back / one seat  |  one-arm: 37″H x 39″W x 65″D


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