High Point Market Trends

Last week’s market showcased some exciting new interpretations of recent trends that have already taken hold, but are now “pushing the envelope” to a whole new level. Instead of just seeing hair on hide on accent chairs or interesting accents, we’re seeing manufacturers really embrace it. This Spring, designers are making a bigger statement using these bold pairings on table tops, dressers and lamps, not just chairs.

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And menswear, once seen only on fabrics, has found new life in diverse pieces including plaid on chest fronts and hounds tooth on cabinetry. The masculine fabrics paired with dark woods and clean lines make a strong impact. It’s refreshing to see it branching out from fabrics to furniture and accents.

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One of my favorite finds at market was an extraordinary piece of art fashioned from feathers accented in gold tip. Many of the showrooms featured organic pieces and shapes showcased in new and exciting ways. I found several examples of art from nature that were truly beautiful.

Still living large, is lacquered pieces shown throughout market in bold colors and sleek finishes. Navy, emerald and white pieces in particular caught my eye. Article 24, Bungalow 5, and Somerset Bay were some of the manufacturers I feel do lacquer best, but others took this contemporary look and added their own spin. I saw many opportunities to purchase beautifully lacquered pieces for my clients, our site, and my own home.

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And everywhere we looked, jewel tones were somewhere in the mix. Blues and greens are really hot this season showing in all styles and pieces from case goods to accents. These colors will definitely stick around through fall making for rich palettes and yummy combos for designers to work with.

Market Hint:
We found many gorgeous baubles, draped in pearls, crystal and stones. Chandeliers, dripping with glam and glitz never disappoint, but try grouping three over the top chandeliers together in one amazing space to really create that wow factor.

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